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What is PerformingArtsScholarships.com?

PerformingArtsScholarships.com is the world’s first and only searchable database for college music department faculty. High school musicians can create (and update) a Musician Profile in our database, and be discovered by colleges and universities across the country. Our mission is to help connect high school musicians with college music departments who want and need students.

Who will see my profile?

Your Musician Profile is made available only to official college music faculty and staff who have school-specific email domains ending in “.edu” (no gmail or other address are allowed). All our administrators have protected usernames and passwords to access your information, too, so everything is safe and secure. We value your privacy, safety, and security. Your information and content is kept private from public viewing.

For more, read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

How does it work?

You create a Musician Profile on PerformingArtsScholarships.com that includes your resume information and links to your performance videos. This makes it really easy for college music recruiters to find you. They just search for the musical needs they need and create lists of candidates to evaluate. Each music department has its own specific needs and they search PerformingArtsScholarships.com to discover candidates that may fit their needs. You may not know it, but someone at a college music department could be looking for somebody with your skill set right now.

Is there a fee?

There is a small fee for high school musicians to create and edit a Musician Profile in the PerformingArtsScholarships.com database.

However, college music departments, faculty and recruiters have access to the database of high school musicians at no cost. This allows for a much larger number of college music instructors (all of them!) to search the database for music scholarship candidates without worrying about limits, licenses, users or departmental budgets.